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Returning Greatness to Your Wallet


Good Day! How May We Serve You Today?

Here at J.M. Hatcher Independent Insurance Broker, we believe that insurance is a neccesity to peace of mind, and many will make you pay dearly for it. However, we have multiple Home and/or Auto Carriers and about 40 Life Carriers, which means we can offer very competitive pricing. Instead of offering one product at one rate and saying that is the best we can do for you, as most are accustomed to, we make the competition compete for you and are determined to try returning Greatness to Your Wallet! Most of our clients have been able to save money by using our products and services. Would you be interested in saving money on your insurance?

We will work to find you the best price from our Carriers, and we monitor your premiums at renewal and can shop around for you with our multiple carriers. This is a service many cannot offer, because they only represent one company. The best most can do is sit on your account every year and hope you keep paying their higher premiums. This is not our mindset. At J.M. Hatcher, we enjoy offering our services to you, not only in possibly saving you money, but in being able to serve you and better protect your assets.

When we are able to offer you better protection and save you money, it feels great. Security and Savings!



We work through our multiple Carriers to find you the best price and service. If we are able to save you money, we hope you will follow the Old American virture of investing through a Financial Advisor we are partnered with in a common bond and trust.

We gather information from you and talk with you about your insurance needs and budget.



J.M. Hatcher Independent Insurance Broker, first and foremost, is here to serve you, so that you can better focus on what is important to you.

Are you a Business Owner or Manager? We have several Commercial or Business Insurance Carriers to help lower your business' expenses. This can help you be more lean and competitive, while adding peace of mind.