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J.M. Hatcher Independent Insurance Broker was founded in 2017, and yet we are built strongly upon ethics, goodwill, a servant mindset, and other words that some have forgotten. We openly invite you to call upon us for your insurance needs, in order for us to give you peace of mind in a difficult world. We are your local insurance broker in Fairview, TN. 

We operate under our Principal Agent in Franklin, TN, which makes the team working for you even stronger, with more knowledge and resourcefulness available to you! ­

Why should you choose us? There are plenty of other agencies to choose from. Why us? Service. It is our promise to always serve you to the best of our abilities, and it is our aim to be the unsurpassed best. 


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John M. Hatcher is an Independent Insurance Broker who works with you to get you protected, with your family and budget in mind. After being in the insurance business, John knows the importance of having the right coverage, whether it is home, auto, or life insurance. John has secured savings and protection for several of our clients. As a broker, he works with multiple insurance carriers, knows them well, and will work personally with you to build your tailored insurance needs. Outside of work, he likes to support several non-profit organizations that are dear to him. 

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